Brooks GF100 Series Metal Sealed Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Brooks GF100 Series Metal Sealed Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Fast responding, repeatable delivery of process gases with high and ultra-high levels of purity—that’s the performance the GF100 series of metal sealed mass flow controllers and meters provides. Designed for semiconductor, MOCVD and other gas flow control applications, the GF100 series exceeds the semiconductor industry standard for reliability, ensuring repeatable, highly stable performance over time. Standard MultiFlo technology enables one MFC to support thousands of gas types and range combinations without removing it from the gas line or compromising on accuracy.‚Äč

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  • Long-term zero stability of <±0.5% full scale per year
  • Settling times: 700 ms - <1 second
  • Full-scale flow rates up to 300 slpm
  • All-metal seal flow path: option for 4µ or 10µ inch Ra surface finish
  • Corrosion-resistant Hastelloy® T-Rise sensor improves measurement reproducibility at elevated temperatures
  • MultiFloTM gas and range programmability—one device, thousands of gas types and range combinations without removing the MFC from the gas line or compromising accuracy
  • Local display
  • Optional SDS gas delivery
  • EtherCAT, DeviceNet, RS-485 L-Protocol and analog interfaces



  • High-performance components marathon tested to seven times semiconductor industry standards for reliability
  • All metal, corrosion resistant flow path with reduced surface area and unswept volumes ensures faster dry-down during purge steps
  • With MultiFlo, new process gases and/or ranges can be set in under 60 seconds – no more removing and calibrating MFCs
  • Highly configurable platform enables drop-in replacement and upgrade of most brands of metal sealed MFCs, including the former Celerity, Mykrolis, Tylan and UNIT brands
  • GF120 Safe Delivery System (SDS®) is Brooks’ state-of-the-art low pressure drop mass flow controller for the delivery of sub atmospheric safe delivery system (SDS) gases used in Implant and Etch processes
  • Convenient user display and independent diagnostic/service port aids device installation, monitoring and troubleshooting



  • Semiconductor etch tools
  • Thin-film chemical vapor deposition systems (CVD, MOCVD, PECVD, ALD)
  • Physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems
  • Epitaxial process systems


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