Brooks GT1000 Series Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meters

Brooks GT1000 Series Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meters

The GT1000 Series glass tube VA flow meter from Brooks Instrument is easy to read and uses the simplicity of design with rugged, long-lasting flow measurement performance for a wide range of high-flow gas and liquid applications where viewing the process is important.

Featuring a clear and easy-to-read scale, the GT1000 Series O-ring seal design minimizes process downtime by allowing for convenient in-line removal of the glass tube for cleaning and maintenance. Reliable, with only one moving part, it is globally approved for use in hazardous environments.


  • Wide range of flow ratings
  • Operating temperature range 33 to 125°F (1°C to 52°C)
  • Pressure ratings up to 500 psig / 34 bar
  • Two accuracy levels to choose from: 2% or 1% Full Scale
  • Optional high and low-flow reed switch or inductive alarm, also for safe use in explosive hazardous areas
  • Calibrated to process conditions with 127mm or high resolution 250mm direct reading scales
  • Brass or 316L stainless steel end fittings
  • Flanged or threaded connections
  • Horizontal or vertical connections
  • Horizontal end fittings 360° rotatable
  • 180° viewing window
  • Rugged, vented polycarbonate enclosure available on most models



  • Tube and float can be re-ranged in line, minimizing process downtime
  • Rotatable connections for easy installation at any angle
  • Packing gland or O-ring sealing to meet piping requirements or customer preference
  • No power required; reduces installation cost and provides flow measurement in hazardous areas
  • Low-pressure drop allows for economical pump selection
  • Optional needle valve mounted to inlet or outlet for setting the desired flow
  • Optional economical brass fittings for delicate applications (e.g. avoidance of hydrogen embrittlement)



  • Industrial processes
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Oil and gas pumping and refining processes
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Burner control
  • Water treatment and distribution systems


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