Brooks Sho-Rate™ Series Variable Area Flow Meters

Brooks Sho-Rate™ Series Variable Area Flow Meters

For a wide range of chemical, petrochemical, biotechnology, research and analytical applications, Sho-Rate™ Series glass tube variable area flow meters provide industry-leading repeatability and reliability in two versatile lines.

Sho-Rate™ 1350/1355 flow meters deliver up to 3% accuracy and 0.25% repeatability depending on the model. Sho-Rate™ 1250/1255 flow meters offer a durable, cost-effective design to meet OEM requirements for systems requiring metering and analyser integrators.

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All Sho-Rate devices feature:

  • Flow Ranges:
    • Air: Up to 140 scfh / 63 slpm
    • Water: Up to 34 gph / 2000 cc/min
  • Borosilicate glass tubes are compatible with most gases and fluids
  • Float materials include black glass, 316 stainless steel, sapphire, Carboloy®, tantalum
  • Magnification ensures scales are easy to read

Sho-Rate™ 1250 / 1255 features include:

  • Two accuracy levels: 5% Full Scale (Model 1250), 10% Full Scale (Model 1255)
  • Standard direct-read scales for common units and fluids – 65 mm, 150 mm scale lengths (approximate)
  • Inlet valve and outlet valve with options of cartridge valve, precision control valve or no valve
  • Easy-change design allows quick interchangeability of tube assemblies
  • Rotating lens provides a 180° view with magnification

Sho-Rate™ 1350 / 1355 / 1358 features include:

  • Three accuracy levels: 3% (low-flow Model 1355), 5% (low-flow Model 1350) or standard accuracy of 10% (high-flow Model 1358)
  • Repeatability of 0.25% Full Scale (0.5% Full Scale for Model 1358)
  • Scale includes built-in magnifier – scale decals can be applied directly to the tube to support unique flow ranges and units of measure
  • Options include standard or NRS™ integral needle control valves, as well as flow controllers on the inlet or outlet to go beyond measurement


  • Options offer value-added features to meet project or OEM requirements
  • Borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock and corrosive gases and fluids
  • Corrosion-resistant material options for scales, floats, fittings and valves accommodate demanding applications
  • Integral float stops prevent loss of float during tube removal
  • Enhance accuracy with easy-to-read scales with magnification



  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Research
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Water treatment and distribution systems


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